Studies Show Permanent Change to Retail & Restaurant Sectors

COVID-19 has brought its devastating impact on the retail sector worldwide. Restaurant, bar and cafe owners are in an awful situation as a result of lost revenues. To learn more about the topic and know who can help you with CutPay merchant services, continue reading this post.

COVID-19: Retail & Restaurant Landscape

The recent 2 studies in the field reveal that the retail and restaurant landscape is likely to never get back to its previous state. Those merchants who’ve been successful at building a new strategy to survive will have the best chances to remain in business in the future as well. By a new strategy, the researchers mean a more digital-centric and online-focused one.

One of the studies is carried out by Cambridge Retail Advisors. The researchers have surveyed mainly C-level executives in the retail and restaurant landscape. 65% of survey participants who have retail and restaurant chains are going to reopen all their locations. 25% is going to reopen only some of their locations. Unfortunately, 10% isn’t going to reopen their brick-and-mortar channels at all.

Barclays’ managing director and senior equity research analyst Karen Short notes that COVID-19 may have forced food retailers to hold back from their expansion plans for the years to come.

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COVID-19 is changing the overall retail landscape. Alvarez & Marsal and Retail Economics have recently conducted a survey. The latter shows that 17.2 million British consumers (nearly 25% of the country’s total population of 66.6 million) are going to permanently change their shopping habits. This means more focus on online channels.

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The lockdown restrictions are no available for pubs, cafes, restaurants, and hairdressers. As a result, the weekend footfall in England rose during 4–5 July, it averaged a week-on-week increase of 13%. The main reason had to do with the substantial 24% growth in footfall across high streets.

As you see, the restaurant sector is moving to delivery. This innovation, which is the result of COVID-19 crisis, creates an opportunity to stay in business. Moreover, this tendency is likely to continue after COVID as well.

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