How your customer care department can make or mar your business

When you have a business, one of the things you want to make sure you look out for is customer reviews. This is considering that in the world today, it is bad for a business not to be listed on a reviews platform where customers can drop reviews for them. This is because most customers won’t want to risk patronizing a company with no reviews. They will feel it is not worth the risk and the absence of reviews could be the easiest pointer to the fact that nobody is patronizing them or they are not reliable. Hence, you should be sure to list your company on usreviews and other reviews platforms where customers can find your company and drop a review for you when they are happy or unhappy about their dealings with your company.

Furthermore, it is not just great to have reviews, it is also important that the reviews are good. This is because anybody that comes across the reviews that customers have left for your business will use the reviews to rate your company. It will help them to decide if you are a good and reliable company or if you are a bad and unreliable company. Hence, review significantly affects the reputation of your company. This article will discuss the different things your overall rating based on customer reviews is saying about your business.

That your company is excellent

When the overall ratings of your company based on the reviews that customers have left for you is between 4.5 and 5 stars out of 5, it implies that your company is excellent. Most people will not have problems patronizing you if that is your rating. There will be only very few of your competitors that will also have the same or higher ratings than you. Hence, for customers that use overall ratings as a major factor when they want to patronize a company, you will be one of their top choices. It would have meant that customers have found every aspect of your business satisfactory for you to have and maintain such a rating.

That your company is good

When the overall ratings of your company based on the reviews that customers have left for you are between 3.8 and 4.5, it means that your company is good. It might mostly just be a part of your business that customers are not comfortable with. It might be the pricing or the timeframe it takes for your company to deliver their orders. Some customers will not mind patronizing you if they have a large budget and your only setback is pricing or if they don’t need the product in a hurry while your pricing is the cheapest.

That your company is average

When your company reviews fall within 2.5 and 3.8, it means your business is average and could have at least, 2 major aspects that are poor. Except for customers that someone else has highly recommended you to and don’t mind about those 2 factors, it might be difficult getting any of the customers that read your reviews first. They would rather patronize a competitor with a higher review.

That your company is poor/bad

When your company’s overall review falls below 2.5 and worse case below 2 stars out of 5, then it means customers are hardly satisfied with any aspect of your business. Most of them will not want to patronize your company anymore. All others that come across the reviews will also not want to patronize your company. Hence, your company is likely to be plagued by poor sales that might ultimately lead to the closure of the company.